President Trump – One of the Best US Presidents to Lead Office

The United States has bee considered as one of the most powerful countries in the world for centuries. And up until now, it still is, thanks to the proper handling of its administrative government, specifically with President Donald Trump Jr. in place.

Criticisms are normal for all administrations, with Trump not being new to it. But digging deeper into the reality, one can see how much development and improvement the US has experienced since he sat on power.

Here are some of President Trump’s biggest and most recent accomplishments:

More and Better Job Opportunities

According to a report, the Trump administration just added more than 200,000 jobs in Nov. 2019 alone, with that figure very similar to Dec. 2020.

And based on that pace, it’s very likely that the figures will continue to rise, and potentially even double in the months to come. This comes as a huge surprise to many as it far exceeds the economic and financial forecasts of analysts.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also confirmed that there are 41,000 more jobs that weren’t added in the Sept. and Oct. 2019 records.

With this, one can say that the figures are indeed rising and the quality of life of more Americans are improving thanks to the added benefits and income of the new jobs delivered by the administration.

Furthermore, a poll from Quinnipiac states that 57 percent of American citizens say that there have a better financial standing since Trump was seated in office.

Improved Global Trade

President Trump also recently made an agreement with the House Democrats to bolster the US-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) Agreement to improve the trading relations of the three countries in North America.

This is a huge boost not only to the US economy but especially that of Mexico and Canada as both countries can gain mutual financial benefits through the developed trade ways and laws.

Furthermore, Trump even reached a Phase 1 trade deal with China which successfully postponed new tariffs on all Chinese goods that enter the country. This makes Chinese imported goods more affordable to the regular American consumer.

Additionally, financial analysts expect a $200 billion boost thanks to the influx of exports for a straight two years since the deal took place.

Not only will this improve the American economy, but will also help the Chinese trading economy to boost its efficiency and kickoff better in the global trading market.

Government Stability

Donald Trump also recently reached another agreement with the Democrats about a spending bill that will avert a likely government shutdown in case worse comes to worst.

Affordable Healthcare

Trump also made sure that healthcare will be prioritized and that the already-beneficial Obamacare features will be made even better and more affordable to everyone.

This includes removing the Cadillac tax from the former Obamacare so that employer-sponsored healthcare insurance will be, as much as possible, free.

Improved Defense and Security

The Space Force has been gaining traction, but it’s more than just a cool name as the Office of the President has officially sanctioned it as a vital addition to the already powerful military that the US has.

This new bill has just been approved and amounts to a $738 billion defense spending bill which will initiate and authorize the creation of a new Space Force featuring the latest advanced technology to ensure the utmost safety and security of the American people and that of the global community.

Final Verdict

With all this being said, one can clearly see how President Trump is not only making America great again, literally, but is also doing his best, of course with the aid of his fellow lawmakers, to boost US economy, welfare, and standard of living.

And it’s not all about the US, but it’s also around making a safer and more efficient global community thanks to the new international trading laws that are put in place. More developments are going to happen for sure.