President Trump Hints He May Come To MetLife This Summer

President Trump Tuesday Wildwood Rally would draw in a huge swarm of trump supporters 10,000 inside the packed Wildwoods convention center. Outside of the Wildwoods convention center was thousands and thousands of Trump supporters not being able to make it inside of the rally. President Trump would jokingly say “If anyone would like to give up their seat, so the 10,000 thousand people outside can get in feel free to do so”. President Donald Trump hinted that he may come to speak at MetLife Giants/Jets stadium this summer. Laura Trump would say more than 175,000 tickets have been requested for the Wildwood Trump Rally. “You know they all say Republicans can’t win (in New Jersey). I say tell me why,” said Trump before a crowd of tens of thousands this evening. “They said do you want to move this to the Meadowlands? I said no, I want to do this in South Jersey. We want to be with our friends.”

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