Portland Rioters Attack Elderly People Trying To Stop Them From Burning Down Police Precinct

From Blue lives matter

Portland, OR – Rioters attacked the Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) East Precinct for a second consecutive night on Thursday, to include ripping down thank-you notes police supporters had affixed to the building and using them to fuel a fire outside the precinct’s front doors.

In addition to assaulting police with commercial grade fireworks, large rocks, bottles, and paint, the mob also confronted elderly residents, severely injured a Portland police officer, and attempted to burn down the East Precinct yet again, the PPB said in a press release.

“Two elderly community members attempted to stop the group from vandalizing the building with paint and were subsequently hit with the paint,” according to the PPB.

The mob hurled various other projectiles at the officers, including paint, commercial grade fireworks, bottles, and heavy rocks.

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