Nascar Trump Supporters fly Trump 2020 flags in Daytona 500 infield

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Nascar Fans are thrilled to have President Trump come this weekend and watch the Daytona 500. In the Infield of Daytona, you can spot many of Trump 2020 flags flying around. Nascar Racer Joey Lagano would have this to say about the President making a trip to Daytona “The leader of our country is coming to the Daytona 500. How cool is that?” Logano said. “That kind of solidifies what our sport is. It’s a huge event. We’re a big sport, and to be able to have the president come here, that’s something we all should be proud of. Whether you support him or not, it doesn’t matter. It shows unity in our sport and how big our sport really is.”

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