Left-Wing Protesters Swarm Vernon Jones For Supporting Trump, Call Him The “N” Word

As he was leaving President Donald Trump’s RNC speech on Thursday, Democrat Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones was attacked by radical left-wing extremists. Vernon has become a recent vocal supporter of President Trump as his party strays to the far-left.

The group of extremists yelled obscenities along with racial slurs at him, demanding that he say the name of Breonna Taylor.

Are you a black Trump supporter?” asked one of the left-wing extremists. “You’re a fucking disgrace! Shame!” yelled another.

The situation got so dangerous that police had to put themselves and their bicycles in between the violent protesters and Jones to keep him safe.

The crowd harassed Jones, screaming, “Whose streets? Our streets!” while taunting the brave police officers: “Who [sic] do you protect?”

One voice in the crowd called Jones the “n” word: “You house [n-word]!”


14 thoughts on “Left-Wing Protesters Swarm Vernon Jones For Supporting Trump, Call Him The “N” Word”

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