Joy Behar Tries to get Gavin Newsom to trash Trump, Backfires as Newsom Praises Trump Instead

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Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom appeared on “The View” last Friday. Joy Behar “The View” co-host tries to get Governor Gavin Newsom to trash talk Trump, Backfires as Newsom Praises Trump Instead.

Gov. Newsom DEFENDS President Trump On The View

He actually DEFENDED Trump!?

Posted by The Daily Caller on Friday, April 3, 2020

Joy Behar asked Gov Newsom “Governor, it’s no secret that you’ve had a combative relationship with Trump in the past, but lately, you’ve been praising him for the help he’s giving. Of course, you have to, because of look at how he treats governors who don’t kiss his ring. The governor of Washington, the governor of Michigan, he said they were not appreciative and told Mike Pence, ‘don’t call them back.’ Do you feel like you have to feed this guy’s ego to get the respirators, to get the PPEs, is that what’s going on?”

Newsome responded to Joy with “Let me just acknowledge the frame of your question. We’re involved in over 48 lawsuits with the Trump administration.”So there’s no question we have had our differences of opinion on many issues, but I want to remind you that you and many others that maybe are not aware of this. We have been at this since late January.”California got a head start in many respects, where no one was really paying much attention. We started working with the administration directly to get these repatriated flights from mainland China into the state of California.”

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