Former Trump Adviser Predicts Trump-Desantis 2024 Ticket

According to a new report from Vanity Fair Former President Trump could pick popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his running mate in 2024, according to former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg.

Per the report

DeSantis needs to walk a tightrope as he seeks to position himself for a 2024 run. According to a source, DeSantis has told donors that he won’t openly campaign in Iowa or New Hampshire before his 2022 Florida reelection campaign. But he’s clearly in the strongest position at the moment. “Heading into 2024, DeSantis is primed to push Trump off the throne,” former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg told me. “Trump surely sees this coming and will ultimately offer Governor DeSantis a joint ticket.”

Michael Caputo, a veteran of Trump’s 2016 campaign who briefly served as spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services said “It’s a metaphysical impossibility that anybody, even a senator named Jesus H. Christ, could beat Trump in a Republican primary if he runs.”

A new Emerson College poll of potential 2024 Republican POTUS candidates appears to support Trump’s dominance.

Trump garnered 67% support.

Second was DeSantis with only 10% support.

Without Trump in the field, DeSantis led with 32% support, former VP Pence 2nd with 24% support.

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