Coronavirus economic rescue package blocked by Democrats again

Democrats in the U.S. Senate on Monday blocked legislation for a $2 trillion economic relief package for the second time, pledging to work out a deal with the Trump administration by the end of the day on legislation aimed at helping the economy amid the coronavirus. The Senate Republican leader said that some Democrats told him in private they were embarrassed by Pelosi and Schumer’s political stunt. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Democrats “ought to be embarrassed.” He added, “In fact, I’ve heard from some who are embarrassed, talking like this is not some juicy political opportunity.” “This is a national emergency,” he added. McConnell asked rhetorically, “Why are Democrats filibustering the bipartisan bill they helped write?” The Senate majority leader chastised Democrats for pushing their “wish list” of special interest provisions to be included in the bill. McConnell explained, “Tax credits for solar energy and wind energy, provisions for employees to give special and new treatment to big labor? And listen to this: new emissions standards for the airlines. Are you kidding me? This is the moment to debate new regulations that have nothing whatsoever to do with this crisis?”

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