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5 Impressive Achievements of Trump as President

Undoubtedly, the emergence of Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America has brought so much joy and freedom to the masses of the State. Contrary to what some might say, President Donald Trump has delivered on almost every quarter, so much that we can only expect more fruitful years from one of the finest presidents to ever emerge in the country. Thus, it is only right that we share some exciting achievements of Trump as the president of the USA before some unscrupulous elements in the nation brainwash the well-meaning Americans with lies and deceits. The achievements are as follows:

  1. Jobs

Beyond all doubts, the recent release concerning employment showed the efficiency and effectiveness of President Trump’s growth philosophy about the economic nationalism and power diffusion. Based on the report, the wage-growth winning has extended to sixteen straight months, which is beyond a 3% pace. During the sluggish Obama period, such streak only lasted for three months. Furthermore, the groups that used to lagged poorly in the slow-growth recovery after the Great Recession now experiences the quickest wage gains. For instance, in the previous year, there is an income growth at an amazing rate of 7% for the lowest 10% of earners. Likewise, people with no high school diploma appreciated the 9% wage acceleration. Furthermore, more Americans are currently employed than ever seen in the history of America. More so, since the emergence of Trump as President, more than 4 million jobs have been created.

  • Expansion of American First Movement

In the previous year, the America First movement experienced a seminal breakout as the Republican Party became a worker’s party. Consequently, there is a significant indication of geographic, ethnic and racial diversity for the GOP. Recently, a poll conducted by CNN in intensely blue California showed 32% minority support for Trump against Joe Biden, the current Democratic front-runner. Likewise, the Hill and Emerson conducted another poll which revealed about 40% Latino approval for President Trump. Overstating the significance of such minority support is almost impossible in terms of politics and the overall coherence in the society.

  • Remain-in-Mexico Policy

Even though the United States of America still requires drastic measures to reform our fatuous asylum laws, as well as massive funding for more border walls, the president developed a fair and effective short-term solution to the challenges of border control. Rather than having people trespass across our sovereign border, the president allowed asylum seekers to apply from Mexico. Unsurprisingly, below 1% of the economic migrants who applied truly qualify as refugees, according to NPR. Consequently, the president’s strategy serves as a deterrent, which prevented a vast crisis at the nation’s border.

  • Standing Up to China

In 2019, even though a short-term alleviation of trade tensions emerged, President Trump showed the world that it is possible to deploy tariffs effectively to persuade the Chinese Communist Party to enter a bargain. Also, the ever-improving economy in the country indicates that growth and tough trade policy can truly coincide.

  • Establishing Trade Deals with Ally Nations

Contrary to the disputable trade deals with Beijing, President Trump has shown that American First means that American gets the very best and no less. Recently, the House of Representatives ratified USMCA, which indicates a new period of success and prosperity to the allies of America as there is a reorientation of the global supply chain back to America from the Far East.

The achievements of Trump in the last few years as the president of the United States of America are undoubtedly record-breaking. More so, the accomplishments so far are only indications towards greater things to come from the great president.


Robert Gartside

Robert Gartside

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